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Welcome to Corepula Method

The Corepula Method is a new way of organizing data. Deeply rooted in solid mathematics, this approach teaches IT practitioners how to create dynamic, fluid data models that keen on evolving with ever changing business. Key benefits of the Model are cost savings and ability to extend data models well into the future. Are you interested?

Consulting and Training

  • data modeling whitepaper Data models occupy a strategic niche, act as a communication bridge between business and IT teams, and allow disparate parties to speak the same language. Conceptual and logical data modeling layers are the glue that binds together business and IT efforts. If compromised, communication suffers. Frustration, misunderstandings, and mistrust are the result.

    The Corepula Method is a new way to model data. If your current data model stopped responding to business demands, the Corepula Method can help. We offer consulting and training services for businesses who want and need a change.

Data Modeling Research

data modeling whitepaper Every data modeling methodology has its pros and cons, and they must be carefully weighed before beginning the formal data modeling process. Projects can differ in terms of user requirements, as well as scope and applicability. Data modelers cannot apply a single, cookie-cutter methodology or design solution to such projects, nor consistently apply the same data modeling principles. What works on one project may not necessarily work on another, because the underlying requirements may be different.

Our research focuses on producing different data modeling topologies that can efficiently and economically solve various business needs.